Report Abuses and Injustices Against PWDs

July 27, 2009

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  1. Vanessa Monica anne velasquez on August 30th, 2009 12:12 am

     I am visually disabled due to complications of SLE (lupus). I have a valid disability card .I was trying to use my card at Mercury drug store but they refused to honor my disability card. The manager said they are still waiting for the letter from DOH for the update. This happened last Sunday. I tried to use it at pure gold jr. Las Pinas , sadly my card was mot honored here as well. I was given the explanation that only senior citizen cards were honored there. I was wondering were I can file a complain or at least let the NCDA know that some establishments don’t honor the disability card. hoping this gets resolved because it is very frustrating for us disabled people to have to fight for our rights and in the end we do not get the benefits we deserve as stated on the card. thank you

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    @Vanessa Monica anne velasquez,

    Same what happened here in Negros…I think, there is something wrong in the IMPLEMENTATION the PWD’s Laws, that still a lot our fellow Filipino is not being oriented with….buti pa ang senior citizen may pension na may discount pa…samantla ang isang ordinaryong may kapansanan…nahihrapan pa humanap nang trabaho, minamaltrato pa na parang hindi tao…this is how the true JUSTICE work in our country??? PWD’s are much more about LEGAL Bases…republic acts, executive order, administrative orde, batas pambansa, proclamation, local ordinances…walang bawas walang kulang…i think is just like a WALLS, but lot of HOLES the everyone could escape and excuses about the PWD’s LAWs… ( it is a sign that the PWD’s Hope was still on the nightmare )

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    quennie Reply:

    good evening! sa mga bumibili sa GRACE PHARMACY, niloloko lang kayo, ng didiscount nga pero tinataasan muna nila ang price ng mga gamot nila pag alam nila na PWD ka. Sino kaya ung maganda puntahan para ereklamo sila? thanks

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  2. Abner Manlapaz on August 31st, 2009 9:43 pm

    Same problem here in Valenzuela, 2 of my friends reported that Mercury Drug is not honoring the discount card. According to Mercury Drug staffs, they are still awaiting for directive from their head office. Despite that they have the I.D., the booklet and the doctor’s prescription, Mercury Drug fails to comply to DOH guidelines which was already published in national newspaper. I hope NCDA can do something about this issue as soon as possible.


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    cecille Reply:

    @Abner Manlapaz, please see my message to Ryan you. Tnx

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  3. Claro C. Carino, Tel. No.421-47-08 on September 20th, 2009 10:43 pm

    Good evening. I suffered a stroke last May 21, 2004 and was paralyzed on the right side part of my body. Am alright now and am able to walk without the aid of a cane. I was issued a disability card for that purpose as am still having difficulty walking as a result of the stroke. Anyway, the latest injustice as a person with disability happened to me on September 20, 2009 at around 7:30 pm at the Robinsons Galleria. After meeting with my friend there, I decided to watch a movie so I went to the movie house upstairs. I lined myself and when it was my turn, I presented my money together with my disability card. The one issuing the ticket told me that they only give discount to Senior Citizens and they have yet to receive a memo from the management granting discount to PWD. I told them that there is a law granting discounts to PWD and even the BIR has issued the necessary Revenue Regulation to that effect. She then referred me to a security guard who was very arrogant and discriminating towards PWDs like me. He even pretended that he was talking to the cinema manager when I knew that he was not. he treated me shabbily and humiliated me by saying that if I want, I can go to SM Megamall as they are already granting discounts to PWDs. They even faulted the QC government since he told me that they have yet to receive a notice from the QC government granting discounts to PWDs.

    This is not the first time that the said incident happened to me. This incident also happened to me in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall when they denied my disability card as I was about to watch a movie. Also, when I ate at Goto King at the Farmer’s Market Plaza and I tried to present the discount card, the supervisor told me that they only give discounts to Senior Citizens and not to PWDs. Good thing that I told her to put her explanation in writing as I intend to report these incidents to the BIR, local government units and lastly to you.

    Despite the publication of the said law, RA 9442 and its implementing rules and regulations, many establishments continue to ignore PWDs. I just hope that you can address our concerns as I feel that the law is toothless when it comes to enforcement.

    Thank you very much for allowing me to air my concerns to you and hope that favorable action can be made.


    Claro C. Carino

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    olive Reply:

    @Claro C. Carino, Tel. No.421-47-08,
    That is true not only in Galleria, but also in Eastwood cinema and Promenade, theater mall cinemas. they only honor senior cards.

    For food establishments, SM Hypermart rotisserie sells rice toppings – chicken with rice, soup, etc. They use to give 20% now they only give 5%.

    In Pasig, the city government does not issue grocery booklet. Although they gave a written letter (without letterhead) that the city does not issue, this letter is not honored by supermarkets like Cherry Foodarama, Unimart, Pioneer Center and Robinsons Supermarket.

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    gg Reply:

    @Claro C. Carino, Tel. No.421-47-08, this may be a bit late but fyi nalang….

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  4. MALOU JAMBARO on October 20th, 2009 10:20 am

    im mother of 2 boys with disability i got their disability card and we are purchasing their supply at PUREGOLD LAS PINAS they did not honor their PWD card the supervisor said that they are not accepting this kind of card only senior citizen card only, also in MERCURY DRUG STORE LAS PINAS .i thought this law was already signed by our president why is it it not being implemented by lot’s of stablishment it’s so frustrating.-malou jambaro

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  5. Rommel on November 28th, 2009 11:25 am

    For Deaf people in my country, what important needs a subtitle on National ABC-CBN and GMA T.V. ,also Mall theater movie must be used a subtitle, but not depend a time. The subtitle “english’ on T.V. a while the Governments mostly use official English language, because encourage them explore any knowledge and education improved. We wish that you can currently ask against the company (GMA & ABC-CBN) must honor our Deaf Rights! because our country will be developed for year, also honor our government laws “R.A. of 7277”. So needs for drugs store discount PWD because that’s concern them to honor our PWD laws. instead, experienced to fare in Cebu, the Ceres Bus air com not able discount 20%, but depend to give a discount less P2.00-5.00 pesos..So feel BAD! because many time failed honor our discount 20%. So I considered that must discount in Ceres Bus area of Cebu ALL complete! because encourage the deaf people who fare to school from home far and enjoy to trip as explore in place. Hope you can help our PWD country to honor you, if you will be duty with the government strongly. see soon someday.

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  6. hason on November 28th, 2009 8:21 pm

    NCDA. I’m glad to read those responses. Where is Rommel’s response on your post ‘Report Abuses and Injustices Against PWDs’ ? Because I want to hear it as public. Why are you kicking them out? So feel bad you not public because that’s following order PWD’s laws and human rights. It’s said, must respectful for PWD any comment. I’m reckon you maybe not identity PWD.

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  7. Steve Alcantara on January 8th, 2010 8:08 pm

    Please check out link below regarding a recent incident about the offloading of a child with disability from a Cebu Pacific flight from Hong Kong. This is a matter for the DOTC and NCDA to act upon.

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  8. Ian Camiwet on January 15th, 2010 11:52 pm

    May I just ask? Is company policy should be followed first before national law, because Victory liner doesn’t want to recognize my PWD I.D.. We had tried this many times already, but sadly they always say that it’s “company policy”. Is that just an excuse to not grant the discount, or they are tellling the truth. Its really frustrating to know that even with the national law being shoved in some of the large companies faces, they really disregard it. I hope this problem will be resolved.

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  9. Milagros Sabino on February 13th, 2010 5:39 pm

    I am the President of ASP-Bacolod. Only SM acknowledges the PWD ID. The rest of Bacolod does not. It is always the same answer: we are waiting for directive from main office. I spoke w/our DSSD head yesterday regarding implementation and she was no help either.

    It has been almost 2 years since RA9664. What can be done for the implementation of this order? It will be a great help to lessen expensive therapy and treatment for our children with ASD.

    God bless.

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    krek Reply:

    @Milagros Sabino,
    hi! where can i get the PWD ID in bacolod? i have SLE. thanks.

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    Milagros Sabino Reply:

    @krek, at DSSD at the New Govt Center

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    Billie Wilson Reply:

    @Milagros Sabino,
    Mrs. Sabino. Would you please contact me if you were ever married to Leonides Sabino. I have some questions for you. Thank you very much.
    Billie Wilson
    Crossville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

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  10. Zorina on March 5th, 2010 4:27 pm

    i am a polio since I was three years old, I want to find a job please help me. I am graduated and masteral degree holder but most of the time i was not accepted or selected even i am qualified.

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  11. philip michael jose on April 6th, 2010 7:48 am

    i am a PWD and i used my ID when my wife and I ate at a restaurant in robinsons manila., the supervisor said our PWD id card does not state restaurants as being one of those establishments listed that should give discounts. he did not want to honor my card but i stood my ground and told him i am ready to file a lawsuit if he does not honor my card. he finally relented but said only this time. so next time i go to robinsons manila i will give THE HEALTHY SHABU SHABU restaurant a copy of the RA 9442 and its IRR.

    can NCDA come out with a booklet that they can distribute to all mall owners in the philippines that states the laws and its IRRs so that the establishments located inside malls will know about the existence of such laws?

    maybe the NCDA can make an example of those establishments not honoring PWDs priveleges and file a lawsuit for on and on behalf of PWDs being discriminated upon. a class action suit may just wake up these establishments and soon enough they will follow the law to the letter.

    we have so many laws but we are unable to implement them properly. only when those that break the law gets the punishment they deserve will they tow the line.

    NCDA must take the lead on this for and on behalf of PWDs in the country.

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    michelle yao Reply:

    Hi, I’m a mother of an Autism child, We always buy Krispy Kreme , G4 branch in makati…First few times they honor my child’s PWD card.. after a while, They refused because they want my child to show up every time I buy.. and today, they refused to accept it. I said I’m the authorized representative .. I showed them my child’s booklet stating there that I’m the autherized representative.. after a long talk they finally accept it..
    Come on, how can my child buy his food and present his National card??!! its so unfair, ng mamata talaga sa mga disabled 🙁

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  12. janice tiongson on April 9th, 2010 9:49 pm

    i am a pwd.i get my pwd id april in antipolo city.and i buy some grocery in cherry foodarama.masinag branch.they did not give a discount in my grocery item.what should i do.i hope that ncda had a legal action on this matter.i hope that my right being pwd will be recognized by all establishment.because i have a id that i presented to them.and i hope ncda will give a list of establishment that will grant our discount.they didn’t know about this id. i hope i can received a reply from u.thank u very much.i hope for your consideration.

    janice tiongson

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  13. Rolando S. Braza on April 19th, 2010 8:57 pm

    This is complaint about the arrogant and rude treatment of the driver of Victory Liner, Inc., Mr. Juliet Saranilla, gave me while boarding bus number 1674 bound for Cubao (sign board was Pasay/Cubao) from Olongapo City at around 5:45 P.M. on 18 April 2010. On my way up to the bus, I showed him my person with disability ID. Instead of allowing me to board the bus, he instructed me to go to the ticket booth saying “nakakahiya naman sa ibang pasahero. Pumila ka doon at kumuha ka ng reservation ticket”. Instead of heading to the booth, I went to the dispatcher who asked me to do the same thing. The guards in both the Cubao and Olongapo terminals of Victory Liner have always been helpful to less-able people like me and would immediately usher me to either seat number 3 or 4. So what I did was to locate a guard for assistance. I chanced upon a guard after my ordeal with walking on the dimly-lit Olongapo terminal. He escorted me to the bus and told Mr. Saranilla about the standard operating procedure in accommodating PWDs. Still, Mr. Saranilla gave me a hard time. He held on to my ID with me demanding that he return it to me. It took him some time to decide to return it, perhaps, feeling bad that he had to accommodate me after all.

    The actions of Mr. Saranilla are clearly anti-PWD. He violated the rights of a disabled person who is protected by Republic Act No. 9442. I demand that Victory Liner, Inc. punish the said driver to make him realize that abuses like these are not tolerated by your bus company.

    You may also be interested to know that he yelled on a group of teeners inside the bus who were having fund teasing each other. He shouted at them: “hoy! Ang iingay nyo”. Do you think it was proper for him to do that? Personally, I felt that passengers are compelled to sit quietly all throughout the trip. I think that Mr. Saranilla is mentally challenged and should be sent on a long vacation, if Victory Liner prefers to retain him.

    I look forward to your prompt action on my complaint.

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  14. mr.masterpogi 09 on April 20th, 2010 6:03 pm

    Attention lng po…finally PGMA already approved the RA 10070….
    (pdao creation/establishment)……….lol
    finally may magmomonitor na ng ra 9442 and PB. Blg. 344….
    So beware s mga hindi sumusunod sa mga batas na iyan…….lol
    ha..ha….ha….ha…… PWD nsa atin huling halakhak!!!!

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  15. Irene on April 23rd, 2010 10:16 pm

    Why is it that despite all the amendments to RA7277 Mercury Drug is still not complying?

    Can the proper authority please look into the matter?

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  16. ronald navalta de gracia on July 26th, 2010 3:36 pm

    i am reading the concerns of my fellow PWD (*PERSON WITH DISABILITY) regarding continue ignoring the acknowledgement of PWD holder like me. I would like to know if u are doing something to address the concerns companies or entitites defying RA 9442 and its IRR for the MERCUry DRUGSTORE and TicketWorld Manila for continue not honoring the rights of the PWD ID holders

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  17. Bernardo Ronquillo on August 1st, 2010 3:05 pm

    It seems that the state university here in Pangasinan doesn’t mind their concern on people with disability like me. I could hardly step the second floors of the buildings. No comfort/rest rooms available.

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  18. jeannie arminal on August 20th, 2010 8:16 pm

    i just wonder why is mercury drug almost everywhere does not really give discounts and dont honor pwd card duly signed and issued by our government. same story here in floridablanca that mercury drug refuse to give discounts to medicine needed by pwd.can you really do something? it is already a law and a right of pwd but why still establishment like mercury drug has the real guts to dishonor pwd card. does it mean “malakas ba ang mercury drug”? may kapansanan na nga kinakawawa pa sa kakarampot na discount.who is the key person we can count on to regarding this problem? we want real action.

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  19. sarah baldon on October 6th, 2010 3:04 pm

    ang anak ko po ay may hearing disability,, na confine po kami dito sa PHILIPPINE GENERAL HOSPITAL for his cohlear implantation,, ngayon po nung prnesent namen yung PWD id ng anak ko sa billing ng PGH ,,, hindi pa daw sila nainform tungkol sa discount,,, Anung klase naman po yan! bakit ang private hospitalna manikla doctors ay nauna pang i honor ang PWD id,, kesa sa PUBLIC hospital?eh de Useless lang din pala ang PWD ng anak ko!!! officers of NDCAineed your reply and action regarding on this matter

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  20. ma.elena r.gomez on January 5th, 2011 5:12 pm

    Naging masaya na ako sa kasong sinampa ko kay brgy.captain carnita idos of mexico,pampanga dahil GRAVE SLANDER ang naging kaso niya.habang hinihintay ko ang hearing at warrant of arrest ay ako ang nasorpresa.dec.3 ay nagtxt ang anak ko na may subpoena dumating,tuwa2 naman binasa ko ay ako pala ang sinampaan ng kasong LIBEL hinggil sa on the air intervied by john susi sa balita sa cltv36 central luzon last nov.25,2010.ako ngayon ay pagod na pagod upang magcounter at dahil sa dec.6 at 2pm na ang paghaharap namin ni kapitana.

    Akoy nagpunta sa PAO at binigyan ako ng abogado at bukas ay dala ko ang sulat para ibigay sa procecutor at kalaban na humihingi kami ng 15 days to submit my counter affidavit.bukas na paghaharap……..

    Sana kayo rin na kabaro ko ay magkaroon ng lakas ng loob upang ipaglaban ang ating karapatan upang makapagbigay tayo ng halimbawa sa ating sektor at matigil na ang pagyurak sa ating karapatan.magkaisa tayo sa lahat ng aspeto at magtulungan upang makamtan natin ang lahat ng karapatan bilang mamamayan at tunay na maging bahagi ng lipunan.

    Ako ngayoy mag-isang akong humaharap sa pakikipaglabang ito,pero ito ay para sa lahat ng ating sektor,para sa lahat ng mamamayan na patuloy na dumarsanas ng discrimination.alam at dama ko na mayroon pang batas na umiiral sa ating bansa at mayroong ahensya na dapat gumabay sa atin at ramdam ko rin sa ating mga forum na maalab ang layunin ng bawat ahensya
    upang tumulong sa atin at tupdin ang kanilang atas

    Mabuhay tayong lahat at ang mag LGU’s at kagawad ng ating gobyerno at mga indibidwal pati na ang mga NGO’s na nagmamalasakit sa ating sektor.
    at ito’y isang senyales na sila ay maroon ng malayong pananaw.ibig kong sabihin…ang lahat ng ito o kanilang pagsuporta sa atin ay pagdating araw ay sila rin ang makikinabang..dahil……..


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  21. Danilo R. Cruz on May 5th, 2011 2:44 am

    Ano ho sa palagay nyo ang dapat gawin sa mga malalaking tindahan ng gamot na nagpapaikot lang sa pamahhalaan at ayaw nilang tuparin ang isinasaad ng bayas.Kunwari ay nag-file sila ng Restraining Order, subalit ang tutuo ay naglabas na po ng DESISYON ang Office of the Solicitor General na binabalewala ang kanilang file sa Court of Apeals.Sana ay makapag-isip sila na mali pala ang ginagawa nila.

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  22. Jean Hernandez on May 15th, 2011 6:48 am

    Pursuant to Section 32 (J) of R.A. 9442 under Section 2 (a) definition of terms refers bread as one of the basic necessities . However, GOLDILOCKS BAKESHOP with branches in SM1 and SM2 NORTH EDSA PAGASA QUEZON CITY doesn’t honor said card. Instead, they insisted that said discounts can only be availed in the foodshop. Isn’t this in violation of R.A. No. 9442?

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  23. Estie Godia on May 17th, 2011 2:17 am

    Good afternoon! I am suffering from End Stage Renal Disease and was able to secure Disability ID from our local govt. unit. My concern is that in the dialysis center where I used to have my dialysis, they don’t acknowledge the Disability ID that would entitle me to a 20% on dialysis treatment and medicines. I even argued with them that the privilege/right is covered by a Republic Act which is mandatory in application. To my dismay, they still don’t give the 20% discount and keep on telling me that they have to wait on the directive of the management as regards to my claim. I wonder if you could visit the dialysis centers (FRESINUIS) at Pasong Tamo thru your police power impose the provisions of the law. Every time they refused to honor my disability id would mean denying me of the rights and privileges provided in the said Act. Thank you.

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  24. michelle yao on June 29th, 2011 7:07 am

    Hi, all stores/ kiosk in Landmark Makati don’t accept PWD card including, Goldilocks, Patlin, Engbeetin, Dolor’s, Lapid’s, Hizons, Dunkin Donuts etc.
    I’m a mother of an autism child 10 yrs old. Since his mentally ill, I’m the authorized representative stating in his booklet. We usually buy Krispy Kreme in Glorietta 4 Makati, Unfortunately today i didn’t brought my son with me because he sick, and I want to buy him his favorite Krispy kreme for pasalubong.. the cashier said they no longer accept it unless my child will present it. I show them his booklet and the Republic Act 9442 providing the Guidelines on the Issuance of Identification Card Relative to Republic Act 9442,.. after a long talk they finally accept it. Parati po kami bumibili dun, about 2-3x a week.. tapos ngyon ayaw na nila tanggapin??? ano un… pag gusto lng nila? tska pag parati mo ginagamit sa kanila, tatanggihan na nila? and pano naman ang anak ko mismo bibili eh, his mentally ill nga eh. The government implement this RA 9442 for the PWDs and parents of PWDs to help them on minor expenses.. its a small privilege for parents and PWD’s. We dont deserve this type of DISCRIMINATION!

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  25. noel salazar on August 29th, 2011 5:48 pm

    i have read some of the complaints of my fellow pwd. it would be better and would be elated if positive actions/results that have been acted by you office will also be posted for our information.

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  26. Agnes S. Negre on January 6th, 2012 9:39 pm

    My son Simon Faith S. Negre(17), who has hearing disability went to Jollibee – San Joaquin to purchase a chicken bucket meal. Upon giving the PWD ID, the staff (named DOMS) was in doubt and asked another staff regarding the validity of discount. He then told us that my son cannot avail the discount since it is only valid to value meals only and not the bucket meals. I think that there is no exception in availing the disability discount/privilege. I also have another son with PWD ID (down syndrome – 12) which came also with Simon’s ID. I hope you will consider my concern and if sanction/reprimand is needed, please do so other establishment won’t be ignorant of the privileges of Disabled Persons. Thank you

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    Stefan Uy Reply:

    Hi there! Im currently a student working on a documentary with regards to the implementation of R.A. 9442 otherwise known as the Magna Carta for persons with disabilities. I would highly appreciate it if anyone could mention some establishments in manila and nearby places that does not honor or fulfill the privileges such as discounts to drugs and commodities, in compliance with the law. Thank you so much. God bless.

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    Beaune V. Villaraza Reply:


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    kenneth yu Reply:

    @Stefan Uy,
    I know this is a very late reply. But if you still want to know more about some of the problems of PWDs, drop me an email so we can exchange notes

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    cecille Reply:

    @Stefan Uy,

    Hi. How did or paper go? I know it’s been years but I would love to know about it. I am physically challenged myself and the stories here are heart=breaking. Special Persons are People, Too is my blog. It’s not much but I’all try to find d time to fix it. Your paper should help me to bring into awareness a lot of things about us. Please. Thank you.

    Kindly contact me 09488131863/(034) 7324138.

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  27. louie crisostmo on April 17th, 2012 1:32 am

    i want to have PWD id card sent to my address louie crisostomo block 10 lot 38 worthy street capitol villas subd carangian tarlac city 2300 cp.09206186550

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    Allan Rommel C. Arada Reply:

    @louie crisostmo,

    Ako ay isa sa mga naka tanggap ng PWD card at na-eenjoy ko na ang mga discount na ibinibigay nito lalong lalo na sa pagbili ng gamot. At kaibigan ayon sa aking pag kkaintindi kailangan mo mag-apply ng personal dahil may requirements tulad ng medical abstract o evaluation ng local doctor ninyo. kung hindi man kau ambulatory (hindi makalakad) ang alam ko pwede kayo mag request ng ambulansya at nurse sa munisipyo hinggil dito. Malaki ang nawawala sau s hindi pagkakaroon nito sayang kapatid.

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  28. Allan Rommel C. Arada on May 4th, 2012 9:35 am

    Greetings and salutations to you and your family this year of the dragon 2012, May I respectfully follow up on my application for a position commensurate with my civil service qualifications (CSC PROFESSIONAL EXAM Date and Place taken Oct. 22, 2001 CSC-REGION IV-A OFFICE
    Rating and Ranking obtained: 85.14% – No. 1 (Top-Notcher) C.A.T.S) that I have submitted to Municipal Administrator Hon. Jovito E.S. Francisco last November 7, 2011. For the record, I am now a Person with Disabilities (PWDs with ID No. 04-5814-004-009 issued at Municipality of Teresa Province of Rizal) that is not inborn with but rather acquired. Also, it is common knowledge in our town that I suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke last August 9, 2010 and the diagnosis is HPN, controlled S/P CVA w/ right sided hemiphlegia. In lay man’s term I have weakness/paralysis in the right side of my body (hand and foot) but luckily, with my improved physical condition I can now walk with the help of a prosthetic brace and I taught myself how to write with my left hand (used to be right handed).

    More importantly, provisions of Republic Act 7277, better known as the “Magna Carta for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)” clearly states and I quote,

    “Sec. 5. Equal Opportunity for Employment. — No persons with disabilities shall be denied access to opportunities for suitable employment and Five percent (5%) of all casual, emergency and contractual positions in government shall be reserved for persons with disabilities.

    And Title III, Prohibition on Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) Chapter 1

    Sec. 32. Discrimination on Employment. — No entity, whether public or private, shall discriminate against a qualified persons with disabilities by reason of disability in regard to job application procedures, the hiring, promotion, or discharge of employees, employee compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.”

    End quote. In lieu of this, may I seek your assistance in doing something that is rightfully mandated by an act of congress because sadly, I am clearly discriminated considering the length of time that has passed (6 months) since I submitted an application without positive result it surely needs the councils’ (NCDA) intervention. And lastly, the staggering cost of my rehabilative care and medical needs would be greatly alleviated through your help thank you and Godspeed.

    Allan Rommel C. Arada
    150 E. Rodriguez Ave.,
    Brgy. May-iba,
    Teresa, Rizal
    CP 0926-268-2718

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    cecille Reply:

    @Allan Rommel C. Arada,

    Good sir: you are very articulate. Please be a guest writer in my blog. I have zef my blog specifically for our people in mind. It’s not much, needs makeover, but I don’t have the time yet. I just post anything nowadays just to keep it active as I have many responsibilities. Get. Hindsight here:

    @Stefan Uy,

    Hi. How did or paper go? I know it’s been years but I would love to know about it. I am physically challenged myself and the stories here are heart=breaking. Special Persons are People, Too is my blog. It’s not much but I’all try to find d time to fix it. Your paper should help me to bring into awareness a lot of things about us. Please. Thank you.
    Kindly contact me 09488131863/(034) 7324138.

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  29. jessica on June 4th, 2012 9:12 am

    Im 21 yrs old…a person with chronic illness pero may komplikasyon na din at mahina na ang mga buto, pero minsan kaya lumakad…minsan hirap na din. Ung pwd card ko po nabasa pero kaya pa nmn po maintndhan ang lhat ng nkalgay sa card. Bibili po ako ng gamot noon sa mercury drugs sa guadalupe nuevo noon, naiwan ko ang booklet pero sinubukan ko pdin sabi binigay ko ang card ko at ang sabi kailngan ng booklet talga. Naintndhan ko yun na ako ang nagkulang..kaya umuwi pa ako…pagka balik ko sa mercury drugs dala dala ko na ang booklet pati ang card…pero ayaw na niya tanggapin…tinanong ko bakit pero wala siya sinagot kundi di daw nia matatanggap yung card ko. Di sana di na lang nia hinanp ung booklet sken, kung basang card ko ang issue di sana nung unang time na inabot ko sknya un snbi na nia na di niya tatanggpin….may latest experience ako, just last week…i guess wednesday un…at around 9am, im about to buy, my breakfast sa jolibee p.victor in guadalupe nuevo….bgo ung manger na nkausp ko and cia pa tlga inorderan ko, upon paying i gve her my pwd card pero she didn’t gve me discount dahil tinwag daw ng munispyo by dat tym na wala na daw dscount ang pwd sa foods….i was surprised na ndi ko nabalitaan sa news un…thursday night nka bili pko dun wid discount. But then for dinner i try to buy my foods sa isa pang jolibee sa edsa corner….pero dun tinanggap naman ang id ko….kaya di ko alam bat sinasabi nung manger sa JOLIBEE P.VICTOR GUADALUPE NUEVO na NAGSABI DAW ANG MUNISPIYO NA WALA NG DISCOUNT SA FOODS ANG PWD…..SA MGA GAMOT NA LANG DAW….bat naman nila aalisin yun? Can anyone verify it to me, kung inalis na ba tlga ang discount sa foods? Im living here sa Makati….

    [Reply to this comment]

    Arnold Galileo Reply:

    @jessica, Apartment 1B, Rockwell refused to recognize the discount granted to persons with Person With Disability (PWD) Card. According to the restaurant supervisor, the owner, who happens to be lawyer, “has not heard of such discount.” Also, they stressed that they have not received a copy of any memorandum circular. Hence they are not bound to grant any discount with persons with disability. I suggest the LAWYER OWNER should do some research. Also, just because you haven’t received a copy of a memorandum circular, doesn’t mean the law does not apply to you. Smaller restaurants and even fast food chains recognize the PWD Card. Why should Apartment 1B be exempt.

    [Reply to this comment]

  30. Arnold Galileo on June 24th, 2012 8:13 am

    Please investigate Apartment 1B, Rockwell

    Apartment 1B, Rockwell refused to recognize the discount granted to persons with Person With Disability (PWD) Card. According to the restaurant supervisor, the owner, who happens to be lawyer, “has not heard of such discount.” Also, they stressed that they have not received a copy of any memorandum circular. Hence they are not bound to grant any discount with persons with disability. I suggest the LAWYER OWNER should do some research. Also, just because you haven’t received a copy of a memorandum circular, doesn’t mean the law does not apply to you. Smaller restaurants and even fast food chains recognize the PWD Card. Why should Apartment 1B be exempt.

    [Reply to this comment]

  31. Arnold Galileo on June 25th, 2012 2:50 am

    according to Apartment1B:

    “Another basis of our caution is the inquiry we previously made with the Legal department of the Makati City government regarding the implementation of discount privileges to our customers. We were advised that no implementing rules, ordinance or memorandum has been issued with regards to the PWD card and that the only government discount card that we should honor is the senior citizen card. We took this to mean that once the guidelines are issued then business establishments like ours would be able to process customers making a claim on the discount.

    We also thank you for sharing yesterday with us the link showing the discount benefits of the disabled. We note that the implementation was suspended due to a legal case and the appellate court in December 2010 lifted the suspension. Now that this court case has been brought to our attention we will check the status of this case so we can be guided moving forward.”

    Why is the City of Makati advising restaurant owners not to honor the PWD cards?

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  32. Rose purple on August 22nd, 2012 12:11 am

    Please check Monterey meat shop imus Palico,not giving any discounts for pwd, also almost all of the hotels in Baguio also not giving any discounts, please look into this.

    Also clinics and hospitals should also give discounts for pwd,ifso please look into megalithic in megamall. They do not honor the pwd card Ty.

    [Reply to this comment]

  33. Lubin P. Lamzon on September 7th, 2012 5:57 pm

    Our youngest daughter is suffering from AD/HD and Republic Act (R.A.) 9442 grants a “20 percent discount on all basic services” which include diagnostic medical and dental services, purchase of medicines, transportation, restaurants, recreational facilities (cinemas and amusement parks) and educational services in the form of scholarships, grants, financial aids and subsidies pero bakit po ang mercury drug sa P. PATERNO ST., balanga city, bataan ay bukod sa PWD ID at booklet ay kailangan pa daw mag present ng medical certificate para makakuha ng discount. another thing is that yung purchase daw ng vitamins ng daughter namin ay hindi daw covered ng RA 9442. TAMA PO BA ITO? KUNG MALI PO PAKI IMBESTIGA NGA PO. we are willing to come out in the open in support of your investigation, if any.

    [Reply to this comment]

  34. Julius Santos on September 29th, 2012 2:01 pm

    Please take a look into this Dialysis Facility that doesn’t honor PWD (disability) Card. The name of the said facility is I.M. Health Medical, Dialysis, & Wellness Center, located at the 6th floor, Vertex One Bldg., besides SM San Lazaro. I was scheduled to transfer to their facility from my current dialysis clinic for the sake of convenience. This facility is just a stone throw away from where I live as oppose to my current facility where I have to commute and take publicl transpo. All is well at the start, as I completed my requirements for acceptance, until they stated that they don’t honor PWD Card discounts. But they DO honor discounts for Senior Citizens. I asked how is this so. If they give discounts to SC, they also ought to extend the same privilege to PWD. I’ve read and re-read the laws for this and it clearly states the privileges of PWD card holders for medical services, much the same with SC. Much to my dumbfoundment, they can’t give a seemingly valid reason why they don’t give discounts for PWD. They just don’t. Period. Then they tell me they give the discount to SC? Weird. I am using mg PWD Card for discount purposes on my current dialysis facility, and I never had any problems from the start. From my dialysis treatment fee to my lab fees to my medicines. And it’s been a huge help to me who doesn’t have a stable source of income due to my disability. I hope you would investigate and act on this matter appropriately because it’s simply UNFAIR. Thank you!

    [Reply to this comment]

  35. Boses ng mayKapansanan sa Pilipinas on October 10th, 2012 7:10 pm

    1.Ang pwd’s discounted id ay dapat bang may validity if naibigay na ito sa mga pwd’s?
    2. Limited lang ba sa City or Municipalities ang pag-iissue nito sa kanilang opisina?
    3. Puwede rin ba itong makuha sa inyong opisina or puwede rin bang mag-issue ang anuman mga brgys. na may maraming mga pwd’s?
    4. Anu ang gingawa ng ahensiyang tulad nyo (NCDA) sa mga paglabag na may kinalaman sa di pagsunod regarding the discounted pwd’s id’s?
    5. Bakit di kasama sa discounted fares un taxi at mga tricycles na kadalasan napakalaki ng mga binabayaran ng isang maykapansanan sa tuwing siya’y mag-co-commute o ssakay nito?

    I hope pagdating sa advocacies ng buong sectors ng maykapansanan ay nagkakaisa tayo at sana din sincere ang ating bagong pamahalaan at ang mga bagong taong kanyang itinalaga ay tunay na kakatawan, magdadala at magkakaroon ng immediate action o solusyon sa mga paulit-ulit na paglabag sa mga karapatan ntin mga maykapansanan na wla man lng tyong nablitaan n “mtabang isdang” nbilanggo o nkulong ng dhil s lumbag sya s btas ng mga pwd’s. S loob ng 23 yeras n existence ng btas blg. 344 at almost nsa 13 yrs n un magna carta, asan n b tyo ngyon after n maisbtas n ang mga yan. Ptuloy ang paglbag nngunguna n ang mga ahensiya ng pmhalaan lalong-lao n s local n pmhalaan n di alm ang mga nsabing btas..tsk..tsk..tsk…Hoy Gising!!!Magkaisa tyong lahat ng mga maykapansanan!

    Slamat po..Still hoping that bago q mn lng ipikit ang aking mga mta, mkita sa aking mga labi ang ngiti, ngiti n nagsasabing, Slamat Panginoon Diyos, ginawa mong pantay n ang mundo sa pagtrato sa aming mga maykapansanan….

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  36. rommel arada on December 17th, 2012 1:52 pm

    Incident Report

    December 13, 2012
    At Jollibee OOA 7:10 PM
    Sta. Lucia East Mall
    Marcos Hi-way, Cainta, Rizal

    It was a bleak 13th of December when I entered the Sta. Lucia East Mall-Jollibee Branch. Together with my family (wife, 3 sons ages 15 y/o, 12 y/o and 6 y/o) and ordered a complete set of Bucket Chicken meal. And here is the sequence of events:

    7:20 PM we ordered to a service crew the said meal and I presented a PWD ID Card to avail of the 20% discount for people with disabilities. But, she declined me stating that,” Discounts is only allowed to Senior Citizens and PWDs up to the amount of Php 250.00 but “not allowed” for bucket meals. I didn’t agree with her explanation, so

    7:30 PM I asked for the manager and at this point Ms. Ruby Ann Patalan, Store Manager, approached us and after being apprised of the situation said the same thing only adding that bucket meal will exceed the Php 250 limit so its not allowed. My counter argument is, ”I am not demanding to be discounted with the 250 limit, but only with the portion that I will consume, in this case (Bucket Meal worth about 600 pesos divided by 5 persons) Php 120 only which is much lower than their stated “limit””. The manager co-counter-argumented that since they only allow discounts on single receipt transactions (which to me a 1 + 1 made to become 1xyz + 1abc raised to the nth power) and they cannot punch it in the cash register since its not on the “program”.

    Sensing that our discussions are going nowhere, I acceded and told the manager that I am waiving my claims to a discounted meal and paid our orders in full provided that she put it in writing that I ordered for a complete bucket meal and declined me the discounts for people with disabilities. She said okay and since our orders will have a delay for 15 minutes I told my family to go ahead and find a table while I wait for the manager, Ruby Ann Patalan, simple right? How wrong was I?

    8:00 PM while waiting for the manager I was standing in front of the counter from the time of our respective explanations to this point. Our orders came and have gone, still no Ms. Patalan, so I asked the crewmembers passing me that where are their manager since we are about to eat since our orders are now being served. I was informed that she is working on something very important at the office and asked to please remind Ms. Patalan of our agreements and still waiting for her on the counter. I stayed on letting my family to go ahead and eat because I wanted to keep my resolve.

    8:20 PM after standing on the counter for 1 hour I had the uneasy feeling that I was being neglected and being ignored in the chance that I may go away but I stood my ground despite the hardship the exercise is taken to my body with it’s infirmities. I asked Angelo Jade V. Barera, assistant manager, who was in the counter the whole time so he is conversant of the situation, why then Ms. Patalan is ignoring our agreements? This happened for a number of times before she surfaced.

    The evasive attitude of everybody counting all crewmembers, managers and even the security guards permeates a volatile situation add to the fact that when Ms. Patalan came out she insisted that they are not allowed to sign anything. I was seething because the reason she surfaced is because it is already 9:00 PM and the store is closing for costumers realizing also that I won’t go away. But they are adamant that they could not sign anything.

    Boiling over in desperation my mouth is nearly frothing in rage I threatened to call the media or the nearest police station for them to decide because RA 7277 (Magna Carta for People With Disabilities) has a penal clause that I always carry on usb. In the end, I compromised with them to just sign their names over their printed names and show me their identifications. Ms. Ruby Ann Patalan presented a Tax Identification Number with name and Mr. Angelo Jade V. Barera, a school ID.

    Going home later, my stomach was grumbling, I realized that I haven’t eaten sigh…..

    Allan Rommel C. Arada
    President, Samahan ng May
    Kapansanan sa Teresa (SAMAKAT)
    Teresa, Rizal

    [Reply to this comment]

  37. jen on January 31st, 2013 2:01 am

    Mercury Wilson St. Greenhills branch Cesar de Guzman and Santi Pangilinan will not honor anyxards, and have dismissive attitudes. They claimed that the cards should have 10digit ID no. When in fact I checked with the issuing officer Lorna David of Pasig dswd, they issue with only 6digits. A lotof people have been complaining of mercury wilson personnel’s haughty and arrogant attitude towards those with card. Not to mention discrimination and humiliation cardholders are subjected to.psbyti Huntingdon

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  38. Charlene Intal on March 5th, 2013 9:27 pm


    Last Friday, March 1, 2013, we went to the Shrine of our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. We were there to attend mass with my father who is a PWD. He is recovering from a head injury and thus the left side of his body does not have full function, similar to a stroke victim. He is mostly in his wheel chair but is able to walk slowly, with a few distance, with the aid of his cane and nurse.

    We used to have access in the front area of the church. No vehicles are allowed to park but unloading of PWDs is allowed. When we arrived last March 1, 2013. The guard on duty was very rude. He would not let the vehicle in and was instead asking us to go to the other area for unloading of all passengers, PWD or not. My father really got so annoyed and so even while he is unable to walk he tried to go out of the vehicle with his cane and nurse. After which we brought down his wheelchair also. We were expecting that after seeing this, the guard will remove the barrier and let us in. But no. Admittedly, because of our frustration we were unpleasant to him, up to the point of telling him, “Wala kang puso.” In return, he replied to us, “Wala din kayong puso at hindi kayo makaintindi.” Everyone was telling us that this is the new PRIOR’s policy. We understand. However, I really hope that sometimes, they know when to apply an exemption to the rule. My father was crying in frustration while entering the church, in his wheelchair.

    It is a pity that they have EXPRESS LANES for the sale of their merchandise. It is a pity that they have a special parking area (front area) for priests but not for PWDs. It is a shame that they are treating PWDs this way when this shrine should be a refuge for people like my father.

    Thank you.

    [Reply to this comment]

    julieta b. de guzman Reply:

    @Charlene Intal, it is really a shame that PWD like me be treated like what your father had experienced, but it is also a pity to experienced inside my EMPLOYMENT premises to get humiliated for HARSH words i got from co-emplyoee in requesting consideration.

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  39. Russella Pino on April 2nd, 2013 4:23 am

    Why is it that Goldilocks Toledo City won’t honor pwd card? Is it true that it is not included in the discounts?

    [Reply to this comment]

  40. emiliano manahan on April 7th, 2013 5:14 am

    In case of non-compliance by public transportation company (DLTB) of the PWD’s 20% discount for bus fares, which agency has the police power to ensure compliance to RA 9442? Should it be the National Council on Disability Affairs or Department of Transportation & Communication or any other government agencies?

    With the so many actual cases of violation & non-compliance of RA 9442 re PWD’s, am just wondering it said complaints are being addressed by concerned agencies (DFA-medicines/drugstores, etc.; DTI-food/restuarants, etc.; DOTC-tranportation fares/buses, etc.)!!!

    It is very disappointing indeed…that it is only in this country…where there are so many laws (such as RA 9442-PWD; RA-Senior Citizen’s Law, etc)…bereft of proper implementation…enforcement…penalty to violators, etc. etc. etc.?1?1?1?

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  41. emiliano manahan on April 7th, 2013 5:17 am

    In case of non-compliance by public transportation company (DLTB) of the PWD’s 20% discount for bus fares, which agency has the police power to ensure compliance to RA 9442? Should it be the National Council on Disability Affairs or Department of Transportation & Communication or any other government agencies?

    With the so many actual cases of violation & non-compliance of RA 9442 re PWD’s, am just wondering it said complaints are being addressed by concerned agencies (DFA-medicines/drugstores, etc.; DTI-food/restuarants, etc.; DOTC-tranportation fares/buses, etc.)!!!

    This is the first time that I am making this comment….okay…no “duplicates”!

    It is very disappointing indeed…that it is only in this country…where there are so many laws (such as RA 9442-PWD; RA-Senior Citizen’s Law, etc)…bereft of proper implementation…enforcement…penalty to violators, etc. etc. etc.?1?1?1?

    [Reply to this comment]

  42. Joann P. Boyles on June 18th, 2013 6:41 pm

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: joann boyles
    To: Jhozel Pista
    Sent: Monday, 17 June 2013, 18:30
    Subject: Re: Request to Investigate if there’s Violation of RA No.9442 Magna Carta for Disabled Persons by GMA Ch.7, Eat Bulaga, Rizza Mae, Vic Sotto, Tape Productions, for airing NoonTime Show using Comedy Material referring to a PWD’s Disability

    Jhozel Pista
    National Council on Disability Affairs

    Good Day!

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Will appreciate all your help & looking forward to NCDA ADMIN’s feedback.

    Thank you again for your time in addressing this concern.

    Yours Truly,

    Joann P. Boyles

    From: Jhozel Pista
    To: joann boyles
    Sent: Thursday, 13 June 2013, 19:34
    Subject: Re: Request to Investigate if there’s Violation of RA No.9442 Magna Carta for Disabled Persons by GMA Ch.7, Eat Bulaga, Rizza Mae, Vic Sotto, Tape Productions, for airing NoonTime Show using Comedy Material referring to a PWD’s Disability
    Dear Ms. Boyles,
    This to acknowledge receipt of your email.
    Rest assured that we will forward your compliants / feedback for monitoring.
    Thank you,

    On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 3:38 AM, joann boyles wrote:

    Director Carmen Reyes-Zubiaga
    National Council on Disability Affairs

    Atty. Eugenio “Toto” Villareal
    Chairman Movie and Television Review and Classification Board

    Mr. Michael Barredo
    Mr. Manuel Agcaoili
    Mr. Luis Arrelano

    June 13, 2013

    Dear Madam/Sirs,

    As advised by Ms. Cynthia when I consulted the NCDA today, as a concerned citizen & PWD, I am formally requesting in writing for the NCDA with the MTRCB & PWD Party List for help and assistance of your good office in investigating if there’s a/several possible violation/s of R.A. No.9442 Magna Carta for Disabled Persons by GMA Ch.7, Eat Bulaga, Rizza Mae, Vic Sotto, Tape Productions, for airing the June 12, 2013 NoonTime Show using Comedy Material that may be construed or interpreted as referring to a PWD or a Person’s Disability. If you can please investigate if there’s violation/s specifically of the Section of R.A. No.9442 that Prohibits Ridicule & Vilification of PWD’s or Persons With Disabilities.

    My name is Joann P. Boyles, a PWD registered with the NCDA, Manila City Hall PDAO & COMELEC as a Person with Multiple Disabilities, I am greatly concerned with the Comedy Material aired by Eat Bulaga that may condone bullying or lead to incite hatred & result to the loss of self-esteem of PWD’s.

    Last June 12, 2013 Noontime, on my way to Quezon City, the television on board the bus was on GMA Ch.7 Eat Bulaga. There was an ongoing dialogue between Rizza Mae, Joey de Leon & Vic Sotto building up on the child’s birthday celebration. They were asking Rizza about how she feels about her forthcoming birthday and sounding sad & looking worried she replied something to this effect: “Ina-away po kasi ako ni Kuya Jose siguro po kasi may…..(she then used her forefinger to keep pointing at the side of her head to which Vic Sotto gave a reply and Rizza Mae somewhat answered) “ewan hindi ko na po alam ang gagawin”. And Vic Sotto in approximate manner replied: “Ayaw mo tuluyan na……(with Vic Sotto also using his forefinger to keep pointing at the side of his head)….”Para madagdagan yung…..(pointing repeatedly at his head again).

    This may be misinterpreted as condoning bullying of PWD’s or even encouraging retaliation against PWD’s because of their disabilities even to the point of aggravating by hurting & adding on or giving more disabilities to the PWD.

    This is alarming, I was initially shocked by the comedy dialogue, and then offended & repulsed for this is alarming in the manner the material was delivered by jokes by referring to Jose that may be construed by words & actions as a PWD or to a Person’s Disability using a child Rizza Mae at that in the show who with Vic Sotto are TV personalities and aired by EAT Bulaga a PrimeNoonTime Show on a major network channel GMA Ch. 7.

    If we may quote Ms. Rosie Romulo NCDA Chairperson: “The Philippine government recognizes that persons with disabilities (PWDs) have the same rights as their counterparts without disablities & that they have the rights to take their proper place in society. Every effort to ensure that their protection to these rights & provisions of services are being addressed by the government to empower the sector with disabilities.”
    Republic Act No. 7277 & “R.A. No. 9442 upholds the rights and benefits of persons with disabilities & provides an enabling environment so that they will experience equal opportunities…”

    And considering also the recent media coverage & public concern involving Ms. Jessica Soho and the comedy act of Vice Ganda alledgely using rape a crime against women as comedy material; we cannot condone bullying of PWD’s or allow that PWD’s or different disabilities be used as comedy material for jokes that may lead to bullying or incite hatred or compromise the safety of PWD’s.

    As a Public Concern, may we PWD’s and others with different abilities kindly request for your help in investigating this matter and the possible remedies to prevent bullying of PWD’s; to prohibit any public ridicule or similar acts in the future and protect the welfare of PWD’s.

    Thank you very much for all your help and kind consideration.

    Yours Truly,

    Joann P. Boyles
    PWD I.D. No. 1339060641874

    [Reply to this comment]


    Wow…i do personally salute you JOANN BOLYES…just concerning of our PWD’s rights…same what happened here in Negros and Western Visayas region…I think, there is something wrong in the FULL IMPLEMENTATION of PWD’s Laws… that still a lot our fellow Filipino is not being oriented with….( Buti pa ang Senior Citizen may pension na may discount pa at may kunting respeto pa sa kanila…samantla ang isang ordinaryong may KAPANSANAN, nahihrapan pa humanap nang trabaho, minamaltrato pa na parang hindi tao…this is how the true JUSTICE work in our country??? PWD’s are much more about LEGAL Bases…( republic acts, executive order, administrative order, batas pambansa, proclamation, local ordinances )…at kong ano ano nalang na walang labis walang kulang….is just like a solid and strong concrete WALLS…but lots of HOLE that everyone could escape and excuses about the PWD’s LAWs…I think, this things might be happen, and it’s a sign that the PWD’s Hope IN OUR COUNTRY was still on the NIGHTMARE….ano kaya mangyari kong mayron suicide bomber o kaya terrorsit na PWD’s sa bansa natin….yon na siguro ang sagot sa lahat, para matoto na rin ang mga kapwa nating Filipino…

    [Reply to this comment]


    @Joann P. Boyles,

    I do salute you JOANN BOLYES…Same what happened here in Negros and also entire western visayas region…I think, there is something wrong in the FULL IMPLEMENTATION of PWD’s Laws…in my point of view, still there’s a lot our fellow Filipino is not being oriented with the IRR PWD’s LAW’s….Buti pa ang Senior Citizen may Pension na may discount pa at may kunting respito pa sa kanila…Samantala ang isang Ordinaryong may KAPANSANAN na nahihrapan pa humanap nang trabaho, Minamaltrato pa na parang hindi TAO…this is how the true JUSTICE work in our country??? PWD’s are much more about LEGAL Bases…republic acts, executive order, administrative order, batas pambansa, proclamation, local ordinances…at kong ano ano nalang, walang labis walang kulang…and if your going to combine all the PWD’s Legal bases. I think, is just like a strong solid concrete WALLS, but lots of HOLE the everyone could escape and excuses about that LAW’s…my conclusion, all of these things might happen…a sign that PWD’s HOPE in our country was still on the NIGHTMARE…ANO kaya mangyari kong mayron din PWD suicide bomber or terrorist sa bansa natin… ( wag lang sana mangyari ) …. hindi pa man siguro huli ang lahat na mangyari, bago tayo matotong mag respeto sa kapwa natin Pilipino at PILIPINOng May KAPANSANAN.

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  43. Eris on June 25th, 2013 12:40 am

    I’m sure we have a law against discrimination to PWDs when it comes to job application.

    So Aickman and Greene ( sent me a text in which they told me I was invited for a job interview. They got my number from this review school I attended.

    I asked first if it’s okay that I don’t have Transcript of Records yet because it’s not yet given to us. They said it’s okay, just go to the office.

    Then I replied that I have a hearing problem and if it’s not much of an inconvenience, would the interviewer be willing to write his/her questions for me during the interview?

    They never replied.

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  44. kleathen joie on August 23rd, 2013 1:18 pm

    ito tatay na to sinaktan ng sarili anak ito picture pls u see my facebook name kleathen joie penaranda labrague kawawa naman to bata

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  45. Riza T. BernaL on November 6th, 2013 4:38 pm

    Ang dami dami kong nabasang rekLamo at naLaman ko na kapareho ko din pala sila ng kaso. Ako po ay Graduate ng Education (Secondary, major in English) pasado po ako sa Board exam. Pero Since Gum-raduate po ako ay wala tumatanggap sa akin sa lahat po ng Pinag-aapLayan ko even call centers at private schools most of their reasons to me ay hindi daw po maintindihan ang saLita ko, which understandable naman po itsura ko lang po (itsura ng iLong ko) talaga ang diperensiya. Last year po bumili po ako sa MERCURY DRUG Malabon Branch. HinoLd po ako ng Casher at dinala sa opis ng Manager, pagdating po sa Loob ay Tinitigan po ako ng Manager sabay Tanong, “pano ka nagkaroon ng ganito?. Medyo nainsulto po ako kasi pinagtinginan po ako ng mga iba pang customer akala siguro nila shopLifter ako. simula po noon hindi ko na nagamit ang PWD ID ko… Tanong ko lang po, Para saan pa po ba ang PWD? hindi naman po pala siya Accredited sa kahit saan. At para SAan din po ang mga batas na Pinopromote ninyo? Gayong kung ako nga na Graduate pa ng college hindi pa MakapagAppLy dahil sa Discrimination.

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  46. Shaije on May 7th, 2014 3:10 am

    Good day to all, nakakadismaya naman sa sobrang haba ng complain sa pag abuso sa mga PWD’s wala man lang akong nakita kahit isang action ng NCDA dito, i-popost ko sana yung na encountered kong abuses just today. Pero wag na lang pupunta na lang ako direct sa court siguro mas mabilis ang action tutal bibigyan naman ako ng atty assistance doon kahit sa PAO lang. Sana naman sinasagot ng NCDA mga post dito at wag naman sana sila tutulog tulog. Salamat po.

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  47. Sheila Castro on May 9th, 2014 6:52 pm

    Hi! I was diagnosed since 2010 of SLE or Lupus Nephritis Class 4. I was informed that chronic illness such as Lupus is qualified to have PWD ID. I applied last March and it took time for our barangay here in Pulung Cacutud, Angeles City to have the results only to find out that I am not qualified to have and ID? Why is that? My illness affected my eye vision already and I’m under study because we can no longer afford all the medications, treatments and chem lab. This ID would help me to save more when it comes to my needs for this illness. Is it true that we are no longer qualified for PWD ID? I signed the application form and completed the requirements and its really frustrating after more than a month of waiting to find out that I was declined. Please help me about this matter and I’m looking forward for your favorable response.

    More power and God bless


    Sheila Castro
    Angeles City, Pampanga

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  48. Mae Calimoso on October 30th, 2014 5:10 am

    Hi, I have a son, he is epileptic and has a PWD card. We tried to buy his medicine yesterday @ Mercury Drug here in Puerto Princesa City Palawan, but they wouldn’t allow us to get a discount. Reason was they wouldn’t honor his PWD card if his specific illness was not indicated in the card, I asked how about if he has a medical certificate indicating he has epilepsy but still they wouldn’t allow it, according to them this is a new mandate from the DSWD. They told me to have the card changed. And so today I went to the City Social Welfare and asked them about it. They said their is no such thing as what the drugstore told me. Please help. 20% on my sons meds is really a big help.

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  49. Art on June 14th, 2015 1:17 am

    ask ko lang po, hindi po ba kasali ang Mini Stop sa pagbibigay po ng discount sa mga PWD? Mini stop located at Harrizon Plaza Village Square said, they we’re not advise pa daw po, Mini Stop located at Robinzons Cybergate 2, namimili pa daw po ng item ung machine nila ng bibigyan ng discount,
    If Yes po, sana ma aksyonan po ng Sector na ito na maimplement ang Magna Carta for Disable sa mga katulad ng ganitong mga convenient store na hindi po sumusunod sa batas, thanks po, mabuhay po kayo NCDA

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  50. Jose Ramon Vega on September 12th, 2015 5:14 pm

    I went to Jolibee-Lacson in Bacolod City. I initially ordered a Chicken bucket meal 6-pc chicken only and large fries. I presented my PWD ID and was informed that I can only get discount on the large fries. The teller then informed their manager FRED DOBRICO and he informed me that only Senior Citizens can avail discount on the bucket meal. I was surprised at this since they are selecting which people they can give discounts to. Other establishments such as like Kenny Rogers and Bacolod Cupcake does not do this. Can we get assistance? I may be wrong but what if the Manager is clearly misinformed.
    Thank you.

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