White Cane Safety Day Celebration

July 16, 2009

Aug ’09

The “White Cane Safety Day” celebration which is being celebrated every 1st Day of August is based on RA 6759 “White Cane Act” to instill public awareness of the plight of the our visually impaired persons, promote recognition and acceptance of the “white cane” as a symbol of the need of the sector for specific assistance and as a reminder of the individual’s duty to care for and accord due respect to a person with visual impairment. This year’s theme “P.R.O.-White Cane” (Promote, Recognition and Observance-White Cane) is to advocate public awareness using the symbol of the white cane, and the need to recognize the talents and skills of visually impaired persons (VIPs) as productive members of society.

This year’s celebration has fourfold aims, to 1.) conduct a celebration that would highly impact on the lives of persons with visual impairment; 2.) showcase the talents/skills, best practices and success stories of persons with visual impairment; 3.) raise public awareness on the significance of the white cane; and 4.) give recognition to champions of the rights persons with visual impairment.

To spearhead this year’s celebration is being chaired by the Parents Advocated for Visually Impaired Children (PAVIC) is the Chair in sync with government, non-government and people’s organizations

The celebration will be held at the sector’s favorite “PWD-friendly Mall”, SM North Annex, 4th Floor, Cyberzone, and will top bill by no less than a popular actor Mr. Jericho Rosales. Mr. Rosales once portrayed a visually impaired person in one of his teleseryes. The whole day event will start with a video presentation of the previous yearly celebrations of “White Cane Safety Day” followed by showcase of the different talents of visually impaired children and exciting fun games. Also featured simultaneously are sports activities for visually impaired persons including a DAISY (talking computer) demo.

To cap the day’s event, 10 VIPs with outstanding achievements will be honored for showing exemplary ability and character to develop their potentials which they used in the service of the sector, community and the rest of the society. They will be given awards including cash incentives. Moreover, several white canes, talking watches and freebies shall also be given to selected persons with disabilities and winners of sports and fun games.

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  1. Jose Antonio M. Maraguinot on July 28th, 2009 1:25 pm

    The white cane is a simple, meek and humble tool which serve a great role to the mobility of the Visually Impaired. It symbolizes freedom and independence from total dependency to the help and assistance of others. It allows the blind live a normal life in spite of disability by somehow diminishing the limitation through safe, confident and free movement alone.
    However, acquiring a folding white cane is not that affordable to Visually Impaired Persons who are mostly indigent and are not blessed financially. The government therefore, through its agencies, applying the principle of parents patrae has a lot to do to provide white cane to poor VIPs.

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  2. east nfvh on October 13th, 2009 3:02 pm

    (From RNIB reference library information file)

    An Englishman and a Frenchwoman both claim to have originated the idea.

    1921 – James Biggs of Bristol (as he claims in New Beacon article, Dec. 1937, pp. 320/321) thought of idea of painting his stick white — wrote to various institutions, Chief Constables, newspapers, magazines, etc…

    1930 – First reference in New Beacon (December, p. 265) to white stick – “In Paris, the Prefect of Police is supporting the idea that blind pedestrians shall carry white sticks”

    1931 – February – Mlle Guilly d’Herbemont, with the assistance of one of the editors of l’Echo de Paris launched national white stick movement in France.

    1931 – Taken up by British Press – West Ham Rotary Club’s offer to supply white sticks to blind people in the area accepted – in May, the BBC broadcast the suggestion that all blind persons should be provided with a white stick, which should be nationally recognised by the public

    1932 – National Institute for the Blind started stocking and selling white sticks


    By provision of P.L. 88-628, 88th Congress, 2d Session, October 15 to be proclaimed each year by the President of the United States as White Cane Safety Day. First such proclamation issued by Lyndon B. Johnson on October 6, 1964. (Ref.: NOB, Dec. 1964, 58 (10), 332.)

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  3. RAHILA hANIF on September 28th, 2010 11:53 pm

    its excellent to have such an opportunity for blind to express their existance.

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