9th Women with Disabilities Day Celebration

March 6, 2014

The general public is hereby informed of the commemoration of the 9th Women with Disabilities Day celebration this year. This year’s theme is titled “Isulong: Pantay na Karapatan Para Kay Juanang May Kapansanan!”. It depicts the importance of ensuring respect for their inherent dignity, full and effective participation and inclusion in society and equality between them and men.
The Council, in partnership with different government agencies and non-government organizations as well as the local government units shall conduct the following activities in the National Capital Region and hopefully to be replicated in the regions:
1. Chess Tournament for Women with Disabilities.
2. Skills Demonstration for Women with Disabilities.
3. Forum on the Rights of Women with Disabilities
4. Film Showing of WWD story
5. Products showcase made by WWDs

In celebration of the WWD below is the tarpaulin design size is 3” X 9”

9th Women with Disabilities
9th Women with Disabilities

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Hindi Ka Nag-iisa

February 8, 2014

Hindi Ka Nag-iisa
Hindi Ka Nag-iisa

AD/HD Society of the Philippines
invites you to

“Hindi Ka Nag-iisa”
Speaker: MS. Malu Tiongson-Ortiz

Date: March 1, 2014, Saturday, 1:00-5:00 PM
Venue: Room 104, University Hotel, UP Diliman, Quezon City

Our Speaker:

MS. MALU TIONGSON-ORTIZ is an inspirational speaker, a parent-advaocate for differently-abled children and has authored a book “Embracing God’s Purpose for My Special Child.” She is the Vice President of the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines. And a Board Member of GoDisable International Foundation Inc. In her talks, she offers encouragement and practical help for families. She is the mother of three children, two sons aged 30 and 26 and a daughter, aged 24 with Down Syndrome.

SEMINAR FEE includes handouts, certificate of attendance and snacks:

P550 for members of the ADHD Society of the Philippines
650 for non members
For registration– Please email adhdsociety@yahoo.com
AD/HDSP Tel. Nos. 02-426-8568/02-927-3463/4266001 loc.4887
Mobile# 0948-5432510 (Joy)

For Inquiries – email jeng.galisan@yahoo.com
Mobile# 0917-9701459 (Grace)

Payment may be deposited to:

Bank: BDO
Acct. Name: AD/HD Society of the Philippines
Savings Account No.: 207-0024330

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Wheelchair Accessible Apartment for Rent

January 17, 2014

Apartment can accommodate 5 members of a family
Apartment can accommodate 5 members of a family

5 apartments for rent at the Sr. Marie Madeleine Multi-Purpose Center at No. 8 Bethasaida St. Novaliches Quezon City. The place is especially designed for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) on wheelchairs and it can accommodate at least 5 members of a family. Rental fee: Php 2,500 per month (one month advance and one month deposit). For details you may contact (02) 387-0079 or email us at philcoched_org@yahoo.com

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August 29, 2013

Health Justice Philippines in coordination with the National Council on Disability Affairs is coming up with policy, program and advocacy initiatives on smoking and disability.
In this regard, Health Justice Philippines is looking for persons with disability who can give testimonials on how smoking ultimately limits one’s ability to carry out many of life’s most basic functions and further aggravated his/her disability.
For those interested or further inquiries, please call or contact Ms. Sophia Marie N. Lee, Media Consultant, Health Justice Philippines at the following numbers: 0917-810-0082 or 709-6503 or email address at sophiamarielee@gmail.com

Approved for Uploading in the NCDA Website and News Blog:

(Original Signed)
Acting Executive Director

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Feedback Report Re: Briefing of the Delegates from the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)

May 28, 2013

26 April 2013

F O R:       Hon. CORAZON JULIANO-SOLIMAN (Secretary)

F R O M:    The UNDERSECRETARY (Operations and Programs Group (OPG))

SUBJECT : Feedback Report Re: Briefing of the Delegates from the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) – Rehabilitation of Afghans with Disabilities Program (RAD), 23 April 2013, NCDA Boardroom

This is to provide the Honorable Secretary the highlights of the abovementioned meeting where the undersigned presided over the briefing at NCDA to the delegates of SCA-RAD composed of Afghanistan Deputy Minister Suraya Paikan of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MOLSAMD), Mr. Peter Kiyonga, SCA-RAD Technical Advisor, and Mr. Bryan Lazaro from the Colombo Plan Staff College, on the policies, current programs for PWDs, and methods of implementation of these programs in the Philippines.


The Swedish Committee is mandated to work only in Afghanistan. It currently has 13 Chapters comprised of 6,500 members – 12 Chapters of 6000 members are in Sweden, and 1 Chapter of 500 members were in Afghanistan. They work in four specific areas – Health, Rural Development, Education, and Disability. The Swedish Committee started working on the Disability Area primarily to look after and rehabilitate victims of war, with the establishment of Rehabilitation of Afghans with Disabilities Program (RAD). 3% of Afghanistan’s total population of 25 million was PWDs, the main factor for their people incurring disability being wars and conflicts in their country.

Currently, MOLSAMD takes the lead in the Social Protection in Afghanistan, and they have three commitments specific to the PWDs sector: Integrating PWDs to all spheres with particular focus on education and employment, ensuring skills development for 150,000 unemployed Afghans (of which 35% are female and 10% are PWDs), and that 3% of the PWDs will be employed by the government in the administrative sector.

Given these commitments, MOLSAMD through SCA-RAD looked outward on how other countries, including the Philippines, involve the PWDs in their national policies and programs, and how these were being implemented or mainstreamed, especially those related to employment support and skills training/education.


Mr. Kiyonga enumerated the major objectives of the visit. Among them:

A. Understanding the country policy guidelines on skills development and vocational training and inclusive approach in the work force for PWDs;

B. Discuss and understand the different types of curricular, the development process and how it mainstreams PWDs;

C. Understanding how the government, private sector, and VTOs support the employment (formal and informal) of PWDs and how their finished products are marketed; and

D. Get a general understanding and sharing of experiences, challenges, and lessons on the implementation of general skills development, vocational training, and approaches of including, supporting, or mainstreaming PWDs.


On the onset, the undersigned welcomed the delegates to the Philippines and to NCDA. She also expressed her hope for a productive discussion/orientation and that both countries would learn from each other in terms of their respective countries’ existing policies and programs on PWDs. She also led the brief introduction among those present in the activity.

Deputy Minister Paikan and Mr. Peter Kiyonga started by saying that they have chosen the Philippines for the study trip because of their initial finding that some Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines are more advanced in implementing/promoting programs for PWDs, which was a sector that both countries give importance to.

Afterwards, the different Division Chiefs oriented the SCA-RAD delegates, which included information on:

a) NCDA’s Background and Legal Bases, Thrusts and Directions;

b) NCDA Major Programs/Projects/Activities geared towards education, skills development and training, and employment;

c) Shared documented best practices of employed PWDs.

The discussion highlighted NCDA’s collaborative efforts among its member government agencies, non-government agencies, private sectors, and the PWDs themselves which led to the formulation of laws, policies, and programs for the needs of the PWDs being addressed through various activities geared towards the betterment of their welfare.

Another focus of the discussion was on the budgetary allocations for PWD programs at the national and local levels. Deputy Minister Paikan noted that in Afghanistan, only MOLSAMD have appropriations for PWDs; however the ministry was currently negotiating with other ministries to also allot additional budget for PWDs. The undersigned highlighted the importance of horizontal (inter-agency) and vertical (national down to local levels) complementation of efforts of the government, NGOs, and even in the PWD sectors for the programs to be more successful.

Moreover, the undersigned emphasized that in the Philippines, laws such as Republic Act 7277 or “Magna Carta for Disabled Persons” prescribes for budget allocation for PWD programs (e.g. special education, public transport program, and rehabilitation centers among others) not only in the national offices but also in the local governments, and that government agencies such as NEDA ensured that all local government development plan include disability components in them. The undersigned also shared that the creation of the OPDA or PDAO (Persons with Disability Affairs Office) was done to ensure implementation of PWD laws at the local level.

Deputy Minister Paikan and Mr. Kiyonga were particularly interested on the opportunities for employment offered to the PWDs, considering the success stories of our diligent and hardworking PWDs. While employment based on computers/information technology could be explored, and was one of the areas where the PWDs in the Philippines were successful, they were keen and more interested on practical livelihood opportunities like manufacturing or agriculture. As one of our success stories was on the manufacture of useful products, particularly sturdy tables, chairs, and bags from recycled cardboards in Carmona Cavite, NCDA suggested to Deputy Minister Paikan that they send some employees to the Philippines to undergo training from our own workers. Deputy Minister Paikan was very receptive of this idea.

Deputy Minister Paikan shared to the group the difficulties they have encountered in addressing the needs of the PWDs in Afghanistan, especially as some of the PWDs themselves take advantage of the monetary assistance appropriated for them. The undersigned said that the Philippines also had its fair share of challenges when it came to implementing programs; however, she stressed the importance of having strong leadership to prevent exploitation of and among the sector.

Further, the undersigned said that while it was the responsibility of the government to ensure the welfare of the PWDs, it was also essential for the PWDs to recognize their own rights, responsibilities, and accountabilities and be empowered enough to become active partners in their own progress, not just become passive program beneficiaries. She also suggested for Afghanistan to look into funding programs and services for PWDs instead of directly disbursing money to them, and to look into which sectors (e.g. blind, deaf, etc.) among the PWDs themselves were the ones with leadership potential, the most skilled, and who have the most positive in their outlook in life, which could be considered by the government in developing the appropriate programs for them.


The SCA-RAD delegates expressed their appreciation for the warm welcome and hospitality they have received from NCDA, as well as the fruitful discussion they have had today. Mr. Kiyonga requested a separate meeting with some members of NCDA on some of the more specific details on programs for PWDs, which NCDA agreed to accommodate.

After the briefing, the delegates were to visit the National Vocational Rehabilitation Center (NVRC) for a tour and a more practical experience on the programs and services provided to PWDs.

For the Secretary’s information, reference, and further instructions. Thank you.



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AusAID’s Development for All Mid Term Review Report

December 21, 2012

1. 121127_management response consolidated FINAL (1)

2. 121130_DFA MTR_ annexes_accessible (FINAL) (1)

3. 121130_DFA MTR_report_accessible (FINAL) (1)

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November 30, 2012

We are pleased to inform you that Secretary Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya of the Department of Transportation and Communications has granted the request of the Council to avail free rides at the trains of MRT 3, LRT and PNR for persons with disabilities on December 3, 2012 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in observance of the “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”.  This privilege is consistent with DOTC Memorandum dated November 22, 2012.


To ensure availment of this privilege, commuting persons with disabilities can show their Transportation Discounted Fare Identification Card or the Discounted ID Cards for PWDs issued by the National Council on Disability Affairs and the local government units.


Please be guided accordingly.




(Original Signed)


Deputy Executive Director

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Youth Ambassadors Rocel and Jene Boy Start ‘AFS Year’ In America

September 4, 2012


             2 Pinoy Scholars eagerly begin their Life-changing Year in Washington D.C.  Rocel Sison of the Philippine National School for the Blind and Jene Boy Deculing of Isabela school for the Deaf, join exchange students from all over the world on their orientation prior to placements for 1 year, in respective schools and foster families in California and Arizona.

NCDA-AFS Intercultural Philippines ‘Maleta’ Turnover. Executive Director Carmen Reyes-Zubiaga and DED Matt Lee, Jr. with Americal Field Service – Intercultural Programs Philippines (AFS-IPP) Volunteer Development Manager Beth Eduave, turn over traditional token suitcases to the young scholars joined by their parents, mentors,returning scholars and Council staff.


This joint project of the NCDA, AFS-IPP and the U.S. Government, gives 2-3 scholarship slots for PWDs out of 40, every year.  As the local government’s pitch for disability-inclusive education called for in the “UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”, this also aims to groom future PWD leaders/rights advocates in the country.  Rocel and Jene Boy, now students in California and Arizona respectively, will make a total of 17, fielded since 2004, and are now making indelible marks in their studies and careers.  For those interested to apply, please check out http://www.ncda.gov.ph/k-l-yes-afs-philippines/


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The Great Deaf Artist

August 14, 2012

Jose and Mr. Good Samaritan


An artist and a teacher at heart Jose dela Cruz spells excellence. Among countries he exhibited his works in is Malaysia where he demoed his painting and exotic masks, which stood out alongside other art pieces of Asian artists.

Product Line: Paintings

Contact Info:

Name: Mr. Jose dela Cruz

Contact Number: 09266896160


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Deaf Enterprises

July 3, 2012

Gift Bags made by Deaf Enterprises
Gift Bags made by Deaf Enterprises

Deaf Enterprises is owned and managed by Mr. Javero F. Soriano. A deaf gifted with talents and skills in arts and craft. He’s making gift wraps and bags.



Gift wraps and Bags


  • Business Name:  Deaf Enterprises
  • Business Owner’s Name   :         Mr. Isauro F. Soriano
  • Business Complete  Address    :         017 Rizal St., Cabanatuan City
  • Contact Person (2)   :         Mr. Isauro F. Soriano
  • Cellphone Number   :         09193093000

For your orders please contact Mr. Soriano at the above Contact Information.

(Prepared by: Jennifer V. Garcia -Administrative Staff, Technical Cooperation Division)

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