Free Refurbished Computers To Persons With Disabilities Organizations

May 30, 2022

Calling LGUs Who Need Vaccines For Covid-19

May 30, 2022

Global IT Challenge 2021 Winners

November 23, 2021

Announcement on personnel no longer connected with NCDA

October 21, 2021

List of personnel no longer connected with NCDA
List of personnel no longer connected with NCDA

Autism Webminar

October 20, 2021

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Reminder to BSP-Supervised Financial Institutions (BSFIs) to Refrain from Discriminatory Practices Toward Persons with Disability

July 27, 2021

Reference No. SPRD-202107-0046

To All BSP-Supervised Financial Institutions (BSFIs)

Subject Reminder to BSFIs to Refrain from Discriminatory Practices Toward Persons with Disability (PWD)

Pursuant to the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons or Republic Act No. 7277, as amended by Republic Act No. 10754, Batas Pambansa No. 344, Executive Order No. 4177 as well as BSP regulations on fair treatment and effective recourse under Section 1002 of the Manual of Regulations of Banks (MORB) and Sections 1002-0, 702-N and 702-S of the Manual of Regulations of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (MORNBFI), as amended by Circular No. 1048 dated 06 September 2019, and customer acceptance and identification policy under Section 921/921-Q of the MORB/MORNBFI, all BSFls should take into account the needs of PWDs, such as but not limited to, those with learning difficulties, people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and the visually impaired. This is to ensure that their rights as PWDs to participate fully in the social life and enjoyment of opportunities available to other citizens are upheld at all times.

All BSFls are sternly reminded to adhere to laws and regulations against discriminatory practices toward PWDs, including but not limited to, the following:

  • non-acceptance of government-issued PWD identification cards for the opening of accounts and other financial transactions;
  • turning away visually impaired persons from opening bank accounts; and
  • requiring the visually impaired customers to open only joint (“and/or”) accounts.

Apart from mobility ramps and Braille system in bank premises and automated teller machines (ATMs), all BSFls are also reminded to provide express lanes for PWDs similar to those express lanes reserved for senior citizens and pregnant women within their premises.

For guidance and strict implementation

Digitally signed by

Deputy Governor

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July 5, 2021


Responsive To Your Needs

We are inspired to do better for the sector of persons

with disabilities when we are able to respond to their call.


       Send your suggestions, queries, and complaints to  


    Rest assured our reliable staff will respond aptly with enthusiasm.



From: Mr. Mon C. J. T. S.

Dated:  July 2, 2021


We would like to thank you for your fast response to our request, it is greatly appreciated.

Specifically, we are in need of the following data:

Latest Statistics of all persons with disabilities in the Philippines

All Demographics

All locations/regions in the Philippines

 Warm regards,

  Mr. J. T. S


From: Mr. Rodrigo C. J.

Dated February 25, 2021

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

My PWD sister, Rowena and I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to your good office for the referral letter. We appreciate your good office’s effort and hard work in ensuring that the rights of Persons with Disabilities are safeguarded by our existing laws.

Thank you once again.

Very truly yours,


Rodrigo Cruz J.


From: Ms. Myra D.

Dated March 3, 2021

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to your office for your attention to my inquiry.

Please know that my application for the PWD-ID has been approved on the basis of your clarification and the same has opened the minds of the local health office on the provisions of the covering law thereto.

Kudos to your office!

Best regards,

Myra G. D.

Call for Participants

June 14, 2021

For youth with disabilities.

National IT Online Bootcamp for Youth with Disabilities 2021

Registration Link:

NCDA leads the nation in the observation of the World Autism Awareness Day

March 29, 2021

The National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) leads the nation in celebrating the 14th World Autism Awareness Day according to Nations General Assembly (A/RES/62/139) declaring April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) every year to highlight the need to help improve the quality of life of persons with autism spectrum disorder so they can lead full meaningful lives as an integral part of the society.

This year’s world theme is “Inclusion in the Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World”. The World Autism Awareness Day this year aims to bring individual autism organizations together for research, diagnosis, awareness, and treatment purpose. Although there’s no known cure for autism, there have been reports on the recovery of people with autism at their early age through early speech or behavioral interventions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in November 2019 that one in 160 children has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The report cited that ASD begins in childhood and tends to persist into adolescence and adulthood. While some people with ASD can live independently, others have severe disabilities and require life-long care and support. Evidence-based psychosocial interventions, such as behavioral treatment and parent skills training programs reduce communication difficulties and improve social behavior creating a positive impact on well-being and quality of life for persons with ASD.

It declares that interventions for people with ASD need to be accompanied by broader actions for making physical, social, and attitudinal environments more accessible, inclusive, and supportive. Worldwide, people with ASD are often subject to stigma, discrimination, and human rights violations. Globally, access to services and support for people with ASD is inadequate.

This global event will be celebrated in the Philippines on the 5th of April instead of April 2nd to give way for the observance of the Christian Good Friday. The theme adopted by the Philippines this year is “Empowerment and Equal Opportunity: Together we can create a kinder and inclusive world for Persons with Disabilities.”

NCDA Executive Director Emerito L. Rojas announced that a virtual celebration on April 5th entitled “Webinars on Mainstreaming Persons with Autism in an Inclusive Society”. Topics to be discussed are 1. Myths and Facts About Autism Spectrum 2. Coping Anxiety Among Persons with Autism During the COVID-19 Pandemic 3. DOLE’s Integrated Livelihood Program for Persons with Disabilities and 4. Livelihood Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

Dr. Erlinda Borromeo, founding President of Autism Hearts Foundation based in San Francisco, California, USA, will join our invited distinguished resource persons to speak on the global overview of ASD.

The Philippine Association for Citizens with Learning and Developmental Disabilities (PACDLD) will lead the awarding of Autism Advocates at the Gateway Gallery in Araneta Center, Quezon City, where ten (10) staunch advocates of persons with autism will be recognized. They are the sterling pillars of autism in the Philippines who relentlessly supported persons with autism and their families.
In the dusk of this global event, the J. Amado Araneta Foundation together with Araneta City, Inc., will lead the Light-It-Up Blue (LIUB) ceremony by lighting with blue light the Araneta Coliseum’s facade. LIUB is a campaign initiated by Autism Speaks which encourages owners of iconic landmarks, skyscrapers, and homes around the world light up blue lights on April 2. Autism Speaks is a US-based non-government organization that promotes global support for persons with autism.
“On World Autism Awareness Day, the persons with autism must be taken into consideration in the formulation of policies and actions to counter the COVID-19 pandemic”, Rojas exclaimed.

“Let us work together in ensuring that policies to counter Covid-19 must likewise be responsive to the concerns of all persons with disabilities”, Rojas added.




The Nation celebrates the 17th Women with Disabilities Day

March 29, 2021

The nation celebrates the 17th Women with Disabilities Day according to Proclamation No. 744 issued on December 6, 2004, entitled “Declaring the Last Monday of March of Every Year as Women with Disabilities Day”.

The National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) and Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) are both mandated to spearhead the celebration together with other agencies and organizations of women with disabilities.

This year’s theme “Women’s with Disabilities in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World” with Filipino translation “Kababaihang Maykapansanan sa Larangan ng Pamumuno: Pagkamit ng Pantay na Kinabukasan sa Mundong May COVID-19”. The theme emphasizes the role of women with disabilities in shaping the new normal with high hopes and expectations in their capability as leaders in ensuring the future post-COVID pandemic world.

Several webinars were prepared to focus on the challenges and solutions of women with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics will focus specifically on health, education, livelihood and employment, and gender and development equality. Among the topics of the virtual forums will cover specifically 1. Promoting Accessibility of Women with Disabilities in Public Establishments: Guidelines and Techniques; 2. COVID-19 and Gender Equality for Women with Disabilities; 3. Coping Abuses and Violence Against Women with Disabilities During COVID-19 Pandemic; 4. Pathways to Education for Women with Disabilities in Higher Education; 5. Disability Inclusion of Women with Disabilities in COVID-19 Responses in World of Work; and 6. Understanding Sexual and Reproductive Health of Women with Disabilities: Importance and Benefits.

Honorable Maria Lourdes T. Arroyo, Chairperson of Special Committee on Persons with Disabilities, Lower House, and Honorable Maria Lourdes Acosta-Alba, Chairperson of the Committee on Women and Gender Equality, shall lead the celebration in the March 29th webinar. They will be joined by Executive Director Emerito L. Rojas of the National Council on Disability Affairs.

The Day’s celebration is an avenue to highlight women with disabilities’ achievements and discussion of emerging issues on gender equality, sexual and reproductive health rights, public governance, education, and employment, among others.

As aptly stated by Director Emerito L. Rojas, “NCDA will continue its efforts in empowering Persons with Disabilities through responsive plans, programs, and services for the sector”.
However, in his final statement, Rojas added urged all women with disabilities to stand up and take up the challenge of leadership in rebuilding the post-Covid-19 era.

“I call on all women with disabilities to take the challenge of taking the lead in empowering more women with disabilities and be part of re-building the Nation. Let us all join hands in realizing that goal for the betterment of the sector in the post-Covid world”, Rojas concluded.




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