APT, Apt for Carmona PWDs

November 27, 2012

Appropriate Paper-based Technology (APT) cheered.  Carmona trainees above, show off finished items and take to heart APT, by author Bevill Parker, British Environmentalist, which ‘’makes something out of nothing’’. Turning paper wastes/used cardboard boxes into durable/attractive kiddie table, chairs, and other utility items, this enthusiastic batch proved that with this technology, women and men with disabilities alike, even with physical impairments, could fabricate furniture/gadgets that are 1) useful 2) strong 3) costing almost nothing, and 4) attractive, which are 4 APT musts.






To the beat of GangNam Style and the like, the group, some joined by their kids, gamely made  group and individual projects non-stop, to maximize their 2 days.  Fascinated in the end by their devices’ woodlike quality and strength, tested by some heavy weight staff, Mayor Dahlia Loyola ordered 12 sets of tables and chairs for their Reading Center.  Tall order but a huge compliment to the jolly batch, including NCDA represented by Parker student at the University of London-ICH/APT trainor Nelia R. de Jesus, NCDA-TCD Chief.







This ‘’paper carpentry’’ workshop was made more fun, with in-between-work energizer sign language and getting an “ECO Bag” compliments of SM Supermalls for their tools and stuff.

Lady Mayor Adopts “Bags for Life” in Carmona, Cavite

November 22, 2012

After an exciting exhibit and sale of fashionable “Bags for Life” crafted by persons with disabilities and their kins at the Municipal Hall last November 7, 2012,  Mayor Dahlia Loyola gave the project her thumbs up.  She warmly thanked NCDA for bringing in ‘Bags for Life’ Expert Ms. Lulu Ocampo for the 6-day workshop, and on the spot, gave instructions to tap local establishments to donate all used telephone directories, posters and newspapers to sustain ‘’Bags’’ production


Mayor Dahlia Loyola admires Bags for Life finished products and thanks NCDA represented by TCD Chief Nelia R. de Jesus for bringing in Bags Expert/Author Mrs. Lulu Ocampo.


20 trainees with disabilities hurdled 8 days to learn weaving “Bags for Life”, back-to-back with ‘Appropriate Paper-based Technology (APT)” to make useful devices/kiddie tables and chairs from waste cardboards and papers.  Aimed to provide Carmona’s persons with disabilities novel and practical options to generate extra income, this is also an NCDA’s pitch to enlist women and men with disabilities as environment advocates through waste reuse.



RP Joins UN-ESCAP’s Intergovernmental Meeting to Assess AP Decade of Persons with Disabilities

November 21, 2012

‘’MAKE THE RIGHT REAL-PHilippine Delegation – Standing left to right: DSWD Undersecretary  & In-Charge of NCDA/Head of the Delegation Parisya L. Taradji, NCDA-Programs Management Division Assistant Chief/Planning Officer IV Marlu F. Evangelista,   Eleanor Naidas, DOTC-Accessibility Task Force Member, DepEd Undersecretary Yolanda Quijano, Elenita Asuncion and Irene Dimapilis, members, DOTC Task Force on Accessibility. Front Row: NCDA Acting Executive Director Carmen Reyes-Zubiaga and Mr. Henry Tianero representing the Department of Labor and Employment











The Philippine delegation closing ranks. The ‘’Incheon Strategy on Disability Inclusive Development’’ was adopted by the member countries of the Asian and the Pacific Region, with the Philippines  underscoring the active participation of DPOs in the monitoring and evaluation of the new decade.

The RP Team is set to launch a high-powered consultation back home, to draw a National Action Plan for a new Decade of Persons with Disabilities, carrying the theme “Make the Right Real”.


RP TEAM Bags 2 “Global IT Challenge Grand Prizes and 1 Special Award in Korea

November 16, 2012

Our 6-man “Make the Right Real Team Philippines” brought home 3 awards, 2 grand champion  and a special award in e-Life, e-Tools and slogan making contests in ‘Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities’ in Song Do University, Incheon, Korea.  Young champs are Ezekiel John Erpelo (MCCID Institute of Technology), Caroll Ann de Belen (Manila High School) and Joseph Gabriel  Vesagas (Independent Learning Center).

Proudly Filipinos!! Clockwise, 1) Ezekiel ‘’ÉJ’’ John Erpelo , grand prize winner, e-Life (web browsing/research), 2) whole team from left,  Jabby Vesagas, slogan making special awardee, Gerson Peralta, Philippine National School for the Blind, team leader/coordinator NCDA staff Jennifer Garcia, Caroll Ann and EJ; 3) Winners EJ, Caroll Ann and Jabby with their laptop prizes; and  4) Caroll Ann gets grand prize for e-Tool.

The 6-man “MAKE THE RIGHT REAL- TEAM PHILIPPINES” led by NCDA staff Jennifer Garcia represented the country and bested other bets from 27 countries in this event held last October 29 to November 2, 2012.  Ms. Garcia, herself with disability was the Team Coordinator, and was one of the presentors who spoke on “Accessible ICT in the Philippines”.



NCDA Cheers Delegates to Korea’s “ Global Challenge for Youth with Disabilities”

October 19, 2012

Pinch-hitting for ED Carmen Reyes-Zubiaga, DED Matt Lee Jr., met the 5-man team for this world event on October 29-November 2, 2012 in Incheon, Korea.  He helped find the team’s name – “MAKE THE RIGHT REAL – PHILIPPINES,  adopting the new Decade’s tagline, with the theme: I.T.’s More Fun in the Philippines”.  The young delegates will compete in e-LIFE,  e-Tools and e-Sports categories.

The 5 delegates are:  1) Ms. Jennifer Garcia, Team Coordinator from NCDA, will also present a country paper on “Accessible ICT in the Philippines”, 2) Ezekiel “EJ” Erpelo, MCCID Institute of Technology,  3) Gerson Peralta, Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB) ,  Jabby Vesagas (Independent Living Learning Centre (ILLC), and Jabby’s Mother/Personal Assistant Mrs. Connie Vesagas.

Global IT Challenge Philippine Delegation
Global IT Challenge Philippine Delegation
Left to right: NCDA-TCD Chief Nelia R. de Jesus, Mr. Pablito Gesmundo (PNSB), MCCID Institute of Technology Training Director/Coach Jojo Esposa, PNSB Teacher/Coach Adonis Untalan, RP Team Coordinator Jennifer Garcia, Youth Delegates Ezekiel John “EJ” Erpelo (MCCID) and Gerson Peralta from PNSB, NCDA-DED Matt Lee, Jr., Youth Delegate Jabby Vesagas (ILLC), Jabby’s Mom/Personal Assistant Mrs. Connie Vesagas, Ms. Nina Almeda, ILLC Coach and Mrs. Peralta.

Team’s dry-run of 3-day program the e-contests

The meeting no doubt, set the whole team on a high gear, with NCDA’s full support. Big thanks goes to the Department of Foreign Affairs’’ staff Ms. Mila Cruz, who tirelessly makes the express lanes for PWD passport applicants real, including these young delegates.

Persons with disabilities may now avail of free legal assistance

October 9, 2012

In recognition of the need to assist persons with disabilities in their legal concerns,  the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA), an attached agency of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) established the Sub-Committee on Access to Justice and Anti-Discrimination for Persons with Disabilities.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) will chair the Sub-Committee on Access to Justice and Anti-Discrimination with members from NCDA, Commission on Human Rights (CHR), Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), Philippine National Police (PNP), Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), and PWDs organizations.

The Sub-Committee was launched recently through the signing of a memorandum of agreement. During the launching, NCDA Acting Executive Director Carmen Reyes-Zubiaga turned-over to DOJ Assistant Chief Counsel Ruben F. Fondevilla a case monitoring report containing some 346 deaf cases documented by the Philippine Deaf Resource Center (PDRC) from 2006 to 2012.

After the launching, a consultation-dialogue was held with the newly-designated “PWD-Friendly Public Attorneys” from the DOJ-PAO together with different PWD organizations.  The mechanics on how to respond to the legal issues and concerns of PWDs, including the availment of PAO legal assistance were discussed.

Social Welfare and Development Secretary Dinky Soliman said that with the creation of the Sub-Committee on Access to Justice and Anti-Discrimination and the introduction of the DOJ-PAO “PWD-Friendly Public Attorneys” the complaints and cases filed by PWDs will be speedily resolved.

The Philippines is one of the signatory-State Parties to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in December 2006. Article XIII (Access to Justice) of the UN Convention emphasizes that State Parties are committed to take appropriate measures to ensure the rights of PWDs through the provision of procedural and age-appropriate accommodation, appropriate training for those working in the field of administration of justice, to facilitate the effective role of PWDs as direct and indirect participants in all legal proceedings, including investigative and other preliminary stages.

“We should always ensure that the dignity, human rights and freedom of all PWDs are respected, promoted and protected. PWDs have the same human rights as others, and must be able to enjoy them on an equal basis with non-PWDs,” Secretary Soliman emphasized.

dswd.gov.ph, http://www.gov.ph/2012/09/28/persons-with-disabilities-may-now-avail-of-free-legal-assistance/

RONEL DEL RIO, One of UN-ESCAP’s 7 “Promoters” of the New Decade in AP

October 9, 2012

Batangas Governor’s Advocate Mr.  Ronel del Rio, the only Filipino chosen by the United Nations-Economic and Social Commission in the Asia Pacific (UN-ESCAP), joins six others  from other AP countries,  as official ‘PROMOTERS’’ of the “3rd Decade of Persons with Disabilities”, 2013-2023.

Ronel with many hats, takes his role as Governor Vilma Santos-Recto’s Advocate’s most seriously, inspired by the former’s full support, shown here signing manifesto of commitment to engage the business sector in creating work ops for Batanguenos with disabilities.

Batangas LGU’s powerhouse cast led by Ronel…whose award as UN-ESCAP’s Promoter in AP was proudly announced by NCDA Acting Executive Director Carmen, at the SubCom on Access to Justice launch.

Mr. del Rio, a longtime radio announcer and focal person on the Philippine Disability Affairs Office (PDAO)-Batangas Province, is an active member of the Philippine Coalition on the UN-CRPD and also a prominent feature of the Fully Abled Nation (F.A.N.), a campaign for disability-inclusive elections.  Shown below as host/coordinator of the “Web Access Workshop”, he recruited 27 interoffice personnel in the Batangas Provincial Capitol, to learn to make their website “PWD-friendly”  , as an empowering tool for Batangueños with disabilities.

The workshop was held in sync with the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) and the Philippine Web Accessibility Group (PWAG)whose President , Mr. Jojo Esposa, served as the main Resource Person.

As promoter, Mr. del Rio is tasked to launch a dynamic campaign, alongside other promoters, to  ‘MAKE THE RIGHT REAL” for persons with disabilities, called for in the ‘UN- Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’.

Musashi University Professor Shares Disability Insights with NCDA

September 12, 2012

Last minute, but productive chat.  Prior to her flight back home, Sociology Professor Naoko Takeda, Ph.D. from Musashi University, Tokyo Japan,  traded notes with  NCDA ED Carmen Reyes-Zubiaga (above right photo) and staff, (from left, TCD Chief Nelia de Jesus, Project Dev’t. Officer Josephine Despi and PMD’s Planning Officer Delfina “Bing” Bacquir), on community-based livelihood programs of/for persons with disabilities.   This meeting would spin off following future joint projects: 1) field visits of Japanese sociology students to local livelihood projects such as beauty salon, bakeries and eateries run/manned by persons with disabilities, 2) posting of counterpart projects c/o Musashi University in Tokyo, Japan, on the Council website and other related info exchange.

Youth Ambassadors Rocel and Jene Boy Start ‘AFS Year’ In America

September 4, 2012


             2 Pinoy Scholars eagerly begin their Life-changing Year in Washington D.C.  Rocel Sison of the Philippine National School for the Blind and Jene Boy Deculing of Isabela school for the Deaf, join exchange students from all over the world on their orientation prior to placements for 1 year, in respective schools and foster families in California and Arizona.

NCDA-AFS Intercultural Philippines ‘Maleta’ Turnover. Executive Director Carmen Reyes-Zubiaga and DED Matt Lee, Jr. with Americal Field Service – Intercultural Programs Philippines (AFS-IPP) Volunteer Development Manager Beth Eduave, turn over traditional token suitcases to the young scholars joined by their parents, mentors,returning scholars and Council staff.


This joint project of the NCDA, AFS-IPP and the U.S. Government, gives 2-3 scholarship slots for PWDs out of 40, every year.  As the local government’s pitch for disability-inclusive education called for in the “UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”, this also aims to groom future PWD leaders/rights advocates in the country.  Rocel and Jene Boy, now students in California and Arizona respectively, will make a total of 17, fielded since 2004, and are now making indelible marks in their studies and careers.  For those interested to apply, please check out http://www.ncda.gov.ph/k-l-yes-afs-philippines/


The New Face of the COMELEC Website

August 30, 2012

Fresh from winning their “PWD-friendly Website” Award at the 34th NDPR Week, COMELEC  proudly launched their new website’s accessible features  last August 15, 2012, in support of the “Fully Abled Nation’s” drive for  disability-inclusive elections.

To fully access PWDs to local/global socio-economic opportunities and push their “RIGHT TO INFORMATION”  called for in the “UN-Convention on the Rights of PWDs”, the National Council on Disability affairs (NCDA) in sync with the National Computer Center and the Philippine Web Accessibility Group (PWAG) hold workshops for web designers and awards agencies compliant to the set standards in the “NCDA-NCC Joint Circular on Web Accessibility”.

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